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Our work in the municipal council

Dear residents

You elected 3 representatives of the green list in the municipal council and for that we thank you! This means a honor for us, but also an obligation.

That’s why we want to keep you informed from now on regularly about our work in the municipal council. We like to do that with with this INFO sheet as well ass on our WEBSITE.

We have had 2 meetings so far, on the 22nd of September and the 6th of October. We expressed our opinion on the following items on the agenda:

  • Creation of municipal consultative commissions.
    • Elections of the president of the commission: on our initiative, no more the council determines the president of the commissions, but the commissions on their own.
    • We spoke out against the idea of ​​integrating the finance commission into the urbanism commission. We think these are 2 different skills that should be acquired by the respective experts. Unfortunately, that proposal was not accepted.
    • We were also against sports, culture and tourism being covered by a single commission. We need a maximum number of interested people in every single area. Our proposal to make separate commissions has not been accepted!
  • Nomination of delegates from commune unions (SIDERE, SIGRE, SIAEG, SIDEST, …)
    • We submitted our candidacy for every syndicate, but unfortunately the political game made it so that we could hardly cooperate in any of them. The majority elected their people.
  • Creation of a “Corporate Identity”
    • We gave this point a positive vote. We think coherent communication is important, but we have set as a condition that the title “Syrdall-Metropol”, which the municipality has recently given itself, is seriously discussed.
  • Creation of a municipal agent
    • We have given our agreement on this point, we think that this can contribute to security and better coexistence.
  • List of events served by the “Event-Bus”
    • Together we have drawn up the list of the events that will be served by the event bus in the future.
  • We have given our agreement on a number of points. These were agreements with associations, contracts to buy land, and the energy allowance for the year 2024 which supports citizens who need it.

In the municipal council, we also asked questions to the council:

  • The Maison des Jeunes Rued wanted to launch a political awareness campaign before the elections. The event was investigated by the council. We asked for explanations.
  • We asked if it would be possible to set up cameras near the green cut containers, so that no more bulk waste is thrown into the containers. The bulk waste in the green cut drives the cost of disposal extremely high, which all of us citizens have to pay for.
  • We advocated that our representative in the Airport Commission to ensures that the consequences of the new flight routes for our villages seriously analysed.